Juanita D. Adams

Sue Baum

Leslie Blackmon

Clarissa Bonde

Howard Carr

Martha Chapman

Erika Cleveland

Wendy Cortesi

Arthur Day

Frank Day

Barbara B. Downs

Jean Eckert

Anne L. Emmet

Debi Fox

Robert Haft

Philip Huber

Katie Ikeler

Robert A. Johnson

Sherry Kaskey

Vivienne Kelley

Mary Kletter

Micheline Lederer

Willie Leftwich

Jane Lepscky

Dale Loy

Toby Mercuro

Rosie Moore

Jeannette Murphy

Nancy Siebert Murphy

Elizabeth M. Naden

Lisa Neher

Deedy Ogden

Margaret Ogden

Denise Paolella

Jane Passman

Sherry Patten

Jill Phillips

Jennifer Reid

Karen Ruckman

LeeAnn Schray

Amelia Shachoy

Christine Smart

Mary Jane Spelman

Suzy Stack

Elyse Wolf


Simma Liebman

Deborah Whyte

J. Thomas Wells

Mary Beth McDaniels

The Jackson Art Center is a community of artists working in the historic Jackson School in Northwest Washington, DC. More than 40 local artists work in individual or shared artist studio space in what was once a

DC public school. We create works on paper, canvas and fabric, in oil, acrylic, pencil, and pastel, as well as photography, sculpture, and ceramics.

3050 R Street NW, In Georgetown

opposite Montrose Park

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Jackson Reaches Out

Jackson artists work together to coordinate free art workshops, contributions, and fundraising for DC residents in 
Wards 8, 2, 3, 4, and throughout the city:
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Open Studios

More than 30 studios open 
May 7th, 2017, 12 - 5 pm
 Enjoy live music and refreshments.

40-plus local artists. One old Victorian school building. Come meet and greet the artists , explore our old school, and get inspired..
Free outdoor mural workshop for children of all ages 
starting at 3 pm.

 Contact Us!
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